Speed Increaser

We Can Manufacture and Supply Various type of Speed Increasers Like Single/ Double Input-Multiple Output Speed Increaser Gear Boxes are used for Steel Rolling Mill & many other type of Industries, which is used to increase the R.P.M.

Technical Features


M.S. Prime Plate Fabricated


Mig Welding used for machine fabrication dully grinded & machined.

Stress Relieve

Body of Machine duly stress relieved


As per Mill Requirement


Single/Double Input along with multiple output


Forged EN-Series Material with SINGLE/Double Helical


Imported antifriction Spherical roller bearing


Forged EN-Series


Internal pipes connected with central oil lubrication System

Salient Features

The bodies of the Speed Increaser Gear Boxes are accurately machined, totally enclosed, oil tight, having a sufficient lubrication system and dust proof.

The bodies are made from M.S. steel plates to cover the risk of any breakage.

The gears of Speed Increaser Gear Box are made of EN- Series Forged Steel for Gear Material as per customer's Requirements.

The gears are made with D.P. and module formula with single or double helical teeth.

The Speed Increaser Gear Box is manufactured for as per Rolling Mill & Other Industry's Requirement.

Imported bearings are used and the oil seals are provided to protect the oil leakage.

All Parts are checked during and after manufacturing. A trial is carried out to verify smooth operation.